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Specific Defect Report

What is a Specific Defect Report?

A Specific Defect Report is a detailed inspection on a specific element of the property. This type of survey is ideally suited for all types of properties including houses, maisonettes, offices, bungalows, shops, converted or purpose built flats, warehouses, leisure facilities and mixed use properties, which include both a commercial and residential element investigating and reporting in depth on specific elements of the properties.

The Specific Defect Report is a concise report concentrating on a specific aspect of the property that may be of concern to you e.g. dampness, subsidence, poor workmanship, cracking, structure of the roof or any other structural or actual defects.

Suitable Properties

The Specific Defect Report is suitable for many types of property of properties including:

  • houses
  • maisonettes
  • converted flats
  • purpose built flats
  • bungalows
  • offices
  • shops
  • factories and warehouses
  • mixed use properties
  • leisure facilities.
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