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Private Buying Agent

About Me

I am an independent Surveyor and Valuer and in addition to the typical services offered, for a limited amount of clients I act as a Private Buying Agent.

If you are looking for a property, I can act solely on behalf of (you) the purchaser, providing expert and impartial advice to secure you the best property on the best possible terms.

I am not a sales Estate Agent and I am not linked to any estate agents, law firms or financial advisors. I therefore act 100% in your best interest.

In addition to excellent survey and valuation skills, I negotiate with estate agents, lawyers and other professionals on a daily basis and this combined, gives me the edge in securing your property at a better price (for you).

Unlike many other property buying agents, I am a RICS Surveyor and a RICS Registered Valuer. This means that in addition to finding you a suitable property, I am able to survey and advise on condition and valuation as standard. This I strongly believe gives me the advantage over regular property finders who are not surveyors, allowing me to swiftly and with knowledge, negotiate the purchase price, in your favour, saving you time and money.

With over 25 years property experience I ensure a highly efficient use of your time and funds while searching my extensive network of professional contacts. This gives you access to the widest range of choice of property, sometimes before it reaches the open market.

How We Work

I personally view every potential property (on and off market) prior to your accompanied viewings. Overall, I aim to save you money, time, reduce stress levels and maybe even find a property that wouldn’t have been considered otherwise!

I have an extensive list of trusted contacts including, Solicitors, Mortgage & Insurance Brokers, Accountants, Removals, Interior Designers, Architects and Building Contractors and I am able to encapsulate any service you need within an agreed package to you.

I regularly liaise with your solicitors, valuers, surveyors, architects, builders and contractors, ensuring that the purchase is progressing and that the process is as swift as possible, making your move the smoothest and painless experience possible.

My clients consist of anyone who does not have the time to find and deal with a purchase and clients who wish to remain anonymous.

Using a Private Property Buyer to act for you, shows the selling agent and seller, that you are a serious buyer and this gives huge credibility when negotiating with the seller and their Estate Agents.

Please do contact me direct to find out more about the services I offer and how I can be of help to you. I look forward to hearing from you.

If you are considering using a Private Property Buyer and require further information, please do get in touch and email us at or call 0203 925 3407 or 07796 363 006.

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